Meet the fartists!
A bunch of BFF’s (Best Fart Friends) living in San Fartsisco challenge the everyday threat of global cleaning with their incredible fart powers. Will they be able to stand up to their mean and clean high school principal Miss Brightshine?

“A good ride is a smelly slide!”

Farty Flip is a wicked dude with serious skateboard skills who loves to do dirty tricks with his custom made toilet seat-deck. Where ever there is dirt to board slide through, Flip is around. Therefore his board is a rolling collection of pizza and poo remains. The nasty smell is unbearable but Flip doesn’t seem to notice. As a matter of fart, he likes to rip a good bum gasser!

With his ‘360 fart to grind’ trick you better make sure to run and hide, otherwise you might need to change your shirt.

“clean is mean!”

Munchy Max is a dirty dog. No doubt! Yet very loyal to his dirty friends. Always an eye for mouldy munchy madness. Funguss, maggots. flees or flies never held him back. No garbage bin is safe for Max. If there is not a foul smell on his findings, he does not trust it at all! Due to his dirty diet there is a constant flow of terrible gas eruptions from down under, but Munchy Max doesn’t mind. He loves a good smeller and just makes his mark.

So pull his paw and find out for yourself!

“A Fart a Day keeps the colleagues away!”

Windy Wendy is the smartest of the greasy bunch by far. Besides a dubious odor interest and a degree in Smelly Science, she is obsessed with the noble art of smell experiments. Her colleagues think otherwise. To keep them out of the lab she fabricates to most vivid fart stenches imaginable.

But sometimes things go wrong and the stenches are unleashed! Even then Wendy has to get out immediately. Which she does on her pink rollerskates!

Rip & Roll straight from the hole!

Ripping Randy is the greatest guitar player ever. At least that is what he thinks. Somehow he created his unique fuzzy fart guitar sound during a smelly talent show and won the trophy with his incredible fartissimo solo. Since that night, he was on a smelly mission and it paid off!

Nowadays, everybody knows his greatest hits, such as: – Fart me up, before you go go. – Hey you, the fart steady crew, – Bohemian Fartsody and of course The Final Fartdown.

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